About Us

Since the launch of our buffet menu from 2016, thousands have come and tried our delectable buffet spreads.  Hokkaido Sushi Buffet has become the most popular Japanese Buffet in Singapore.

Blue Fin Tuna Cutting

We are the first and only Japanese Buffet restaurant in Singapore that cut and serve a 80Kg Blue Fin in front of our diners (inclusive in buffet – no additional charge).  (Picture or video of tuna cutting will be provide and please place it on the right side of the text.  Follow our Facebook page to enjoy this exclusive offer

Our Rice

We import and use only the highest quality Organic Rice from Japan.

The two different types of rice import from Japan are Nanatsuboshi from Hokkaido, which is suitable for sushi; Koshihikari from Niigata is more sticky and sweet and is excellent when eaten with dishes.

Seasonal Fresh Fish

We boast the freshest catch from the seas. Our chefs carefully select only the best to serve you the finest.

While many Japanese restaurants in Singapore obtain their supplies from Tsukiji market in Tokyo, Hokkaido Sushi offers a delightful and novel experience of savouring produce of seafood, fruits and vegetables directly air flown from Sapporo (Hokkaido) to Singapore on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Our loyal regulars keep coming back for more as they know that we have a few prestigious suppliers; therefore, we guarantee the best tasting ingredients for our customers with only the freshest and finest.

Gyu – Beef

The finest Wagyu Beef from Japan Ohmi Wagyu.

This is a brand of Wagyu raised in Shiga Prefecture. The cattle are raised with extreme care in an environment surrounded by bountiful nature and water.

In addition to having a very fine meat grain, this meat is distinctive from other types as the only kind to have fat with viscosity. Ohmi Beef is the official Wagyu Beef serve to the imperial during the Edo era.

Toro - Tuna

Otoro is taken from the actual under-belly inside the tuna towards the head. Chutoro, derives from the tuna belly at the center and rear through the tuna, which is not as much marbled when compared with Otoro. At Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, we give you the best value for the Otoro experience.


At Hokkaido Sushi, we use freshly caught, wild deep sea prawns for our Tempura.