Nissin Tempura Ko Age Jozu 1kg


Nissin Tempura Ko Age Jozu (Batter Mix) 1kg

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Nissin Tempura Ko AgeJozu is a revolutionary Japanese-styled tempura batter mix that anyone can easily use to make lightly battered crispy tempura. This special flour is heat-treated and granulated to control gluten to an optimal state. Gives your tempura a golden lightly battered yet crispy that won’t get soft even after letting sit for a while.


Country of origin: Japan

Storage Instructions: Room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight.

Preparation: Add 160ml of water to 100g of batter flour. Heat oil until it reaches 160-180 degrees Celsius in large pan. Dip vegetables/prawn in batter mix, and submerge in hot oil till colour appears golden. Remove from oil and eat with tempura sauce

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